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Happy 9th anniversary, Five colours!

“5 Colours in Her Hair” is the debut single by English pop rock band McFly. It was also the band’s first UK number one. It stayed at the top for two weeks. The song was written by two of the band members, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones, and their friend from Busted James Bourne. Overall, it spent twelve weeks in the UK Chart. [x]

thatsofletch SAID:
Your blog was one of the best mcfly blogs! You'll be missed ): xx

omg thank you so much! <33 i’ll miss all this too :( 

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chrryscola SAID:
WHAT??? WHY?? ;_;

i don’t have time for this anymore babe :C sorry 

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Anonymous SAID:
but... no.... why? :(( I'll miss you <3

i just can’t run this blog anymore! my university is killing me and i don’t have time for this sorry <3

captainfckingmagic SAID:
are you leaving tumblr ?

nop i’m just leaving this blog!!


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Happy Birthday Danny Jones